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  • Divinations have strong brand name in the Business world.
  • Now a day’s everyone is very keen about the health so this healthcare industry has wide scope as people are all aware to check their health regularly. Hence the returns are good in this industry.
  • Divinations offering effective cost with quality services & pace.
  • Divinations do not have full stop. It has stages to climb up to bring once future.
  • When you decide to enter in this field, you will get maximum benefits with minimum investment.
  • With each aim, attitude and gratitude, Divinations as a industry will stand outstanding behind anyone ever imagined.

Laboratory Automation

Business Development Executive

Job Description:

For any of the post mentioned Candidate should have either one of the following technical knowledge:
1) Good technical knowledge of Healthcare Diagnostics.
2) Good technical knowledge of Microbiology, Biotechnology & Pathology Laboratory.

1.  Assist Managers in day-to-day coordination and management of business operational activities.
2.  Monitor, control and manage business operations  to meet customer expectations and company goals.
3.  Ensure compliance with company standards and  procedures.
4.  Build and maintain strong customer relationship through regular meetings and communications.
5.  Maintain clear and accurate operations  documents/procedures
6.  for reference purposes.


To apply for the job please send your resume at